This Is Who We Are

Man of the Sheeple was started in 2011 while I was deployed to Afghanistan. During my free time I reflected upon my interaction with the local populace and our very strange relationship.

We would sit down and share tea and conversation and try to find common ground; during that time we would put aside our differences but never forget the reality that we were at war. I was assigned to a Medevac unit and saw the best and worst of humanity; my outlook on life would never be the same.


I returned in early 2012 and struggled with readjustment to civilian life for several years. I used my veteran’s education benefits and went back to school to pursue a degree in nursing. My time is a full-time student gave me the opportunity to look at many different perspectives namely the presidential race. I noticed a huge disconnect between a lot of younger students and older veteran students; the level of apathy and lack of fact-based opinions frustrated me greatly. One of my close friends had recently returned from Afghanistan and had shared similar experiences with the local populace while deployed. The political division in the US and the inability to find common ground struck us both. How could we find common ground with our sworn enemies and not do the same in our own country? It seemed as if the sacrifices our military makes were being wasted and freedom was losing its importance to a lot of people. Born out of our frustration, we decided to make T-shirts to voice our political and social views and promote dialogue. We officially started the company in January 2017 and since we have received zero funding from anyone.   We also felt the need to show other veterans that the mission never ends. Our mission statement is simple:  provide opportunities, build relationships and promote a dialogue within our country that is inclusive as well as productive.